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Department of Arts and Culture

The South African depatment of Arts and Culture has been wilth us from day one. This has motivates our brand to greater heights as we grow stronger every year and every season.

It defines social cohesion as the degree of social integration and inclusion in communities and society at large, and the extent to which mutual solidarity finds expression among individuals and communities.

South African Broadcasting Corporation

SABC is our primary Radio / TV media partner. Our programmes enjoy the benefit of over 3 millions viewers and listeners. This has growth our brand image and developed a dialogue and effective relationships between us and the communities.

SABC Education is responsible for delivering the educational mandate of the public broadcaster. In true South African social tradition, SABC Education meets this challenge by delivering compelling educational content for diverse audiences in South Africa and the rest of Africa. SABC Education’s content, gathered from a wide range of educational issues contributes to a rich cultural shared South African identity. Enriching Minds, Enriching Lives!

Government Departments

Department of Civilian Secretariat for Police

The South African Civilian Secretariat of Police engages with us on ground breaking events and campaigns where we deal with issues like injustice, crime, inequality, etc...

The Civilian Secretariat performs advisory functions on various matters including but not limited to, departmental policy and strategy, legislation, police performance through conducting audits, communication, community mobilisation on crime prevention, Integrated Justice System and on international obligations and liaison.

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs

Indoni has a great interest in uplifting the youth from rural communities to realize adn apreciate the value and wealth their possess. Engaging our programs in KZN with The KZN's department of Agriculture motivates, empowers and transforms our young people to participate in sustainable agricultural and environmental practices in order to realize economic development and food security in the Province of KZN.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier's Office

The KZN Government has influenced a possetive response for Indoni brand in Its communities. The Premier of KZN fully supports and elevates our programmes as the driving edge of total human rights and social cohasion.

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Arts and Culture

Our focus on Arts, Culture, Skills, and Development play a vital part in the growth and succes of our programmes. In KZN Indoni has been ables to assist it's participants and applicants to expose and develop their skills through the KZN department of Art, Culture, Sport & Recreation.

Media Partners

SABC 1: Mzansi Fo SHo!

SABC 1 is the official broadcasting channel for all Indoni Programmes. From the Indoni Culture School right until our festivals in October.

SABC1 is a full spectrum national television channel providing a programming mix of enlightening, informative, educational and entertaining material. Broadcast languages are predominantly Nguni (Zulu; Xhosa; Swati; Ndebele) and English.


With 1 KZN as one of our media sponsors we are able to rekindle and celebrate the diversity of African culture in communities as the Station's vision is states the Strive to provide quality and unique programming through community and viewer engagement.

We have engaged with a spectrum of community based humanitarians at grass root with our mass education programs that has convicted thousands of viewers back to their roots.

Proud partner of Indoni
Cultural Programmes.
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Our Proud Media partner.
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Indoni Miss Cultural
South Africa Media
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Proud partner of Indoni
Cultural Programmes.
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Proud partner of Indoni
Cultural Programmes.
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Proud partner of Indoni
Cultural Programmes.
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Proud partner of Indoni
Cultural Programmes.
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Proud partner of Indoni
Cultural Programmes.
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