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Our National Culture and Heritage Celebration Festival
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Indoni festival is a celebration of our unifying heritage as people of Africa, bringing together various cultures from across the country and the continent and showcasing the diversity and richness thereof through various activities and themes. The rich tapestry of our cultures and heritage is used as a tool for promoting tourism and boosting the economy during the celebration.

The main aim of the Indoni Festival is to celebrate culture and heritage. We showcase the rich tapestry of our cultures and traditions through arts, drama, music and creative arts. The festival is aimed at creating learning incentives.

The Festival is a feast of 3 days activities:

Indoni Carnival

Our Street Carnival is a spectacular display of African art creativity, showcasing authentic floats and an array of colourful costumes, music ,dances, and street feasts. An all-round continental street party. Indoni aims to use the production of a carnival as a vehicle to showcase talent and creative flair for ongoing community benefit, i.e. by fostering social inclusion, youth development through participation, local economic development, job creation and skills transfer amongst people mostly from marginalised ommunities throughout the country.

The parade takes place along the streets of Durban, starting at King Dinuzulu Park and ending at City Hall. Over 8,000 spectators line up the streets during the Parade, with the VIPs following it from a Riksha bus. Indoni and its partners get to place branding along the Parade route during the Parade.

Fashion and Exhibitions

This is where we showcase extravagant, colourful wear that defines Africa in the context of modern living. We create a platform to showcase outstanding talents of African art and craft.

This is an annual event for informal and formal small businesses from each province, as well as the participating Countries in the Continent, to exhibit their indigenous products and services. It is aimed at creating a platform where Africa’s widest variety of indigenous products and services will be showcased under one roof. It is also aimed at empowering small medium and micro enterprises and artists to exhibit their ethnic products to national and international audiences. At least 3 exhibitors per province and country are invited to participate and therefore benefit enormously.

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