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Indoni National Arts and Culture Skills Development School.
Over the past 3 years 7500 boys and girls selected from 12 South African cultural groups have successfully graduated from our schools.
The power of Arts and Culture changing lives in a clear, fun and uplifting Tribal fashon. 

Indoni Skills Development Schools are attended by young people between the ages of 12-25 years throughout South Africa during public school holidays. We have 12 camps in 9 provinces; Ndebele, Swati, Zulu, Pedi, Tshonga, Venda, Khoisan, Sotho, Mpondo, Xhosa, Thembu and Tshwane.

Programme Benefit

  • A total of 459 short term job opportunities are created during the running of the cultural schools.

  • 2,400 young people from 12 cultural groups across all nine provinces trained each year based on programme objectives.

  • 65 facilitators trained as trainers and engaged to facilitate the cultural schools.

  • Young people who have gone through the culture school conduct peer education within their communities and schools. They are also invited to talk on radio programmes aimed at promoting and advocating positive behaviour among young people, especially on radio stations partnering Indoni such as the National SABC Radio stations. Indoni also gets to incorporate their performances such as poetry, traditional dance and drama at various functions across the country throughout the year with the most recent being the Ndebele Mjekejeke function. which took place in Mpumalanga and the Basotho Cultural Day which took play in Fauriesburg, FS.
Programme Review
Since the launch of the programme, we have had a successful implementation, with over three thousand young people benefitting from and attending the various events hosted by Indoni between 2012 and 2013. In addition, over 1,000 direct and indirect job opportunities have been created in production, directorship, arts, facilitation, skills development, manufacture of costumes and gowns and other related fields.

The cultural schools promoted social cohesion, moral regeneration and appreciation of heritage as part of the formal topics prepared for the learners. Various stakeholders from National, Provincial and Local Government made presentations to the young people on national symbols, social cohesion and other key government priority areas. The programme therefore played a key role in the conscientisation of young and old over the various programmes of government.

Some of the beneficiaries and benefits from the programme over the last two years were as follows:
  • About 60 facilitators and 48 artists and crafters were trained annually as facilitators, crafters, artists and presenters engaged to facilitate the cultural schools.

  • About 459 direct and indirect short term job opportunities were created during the cultural schools and during the festival.

  • Indoni provided opportunities for about 3 exhibitors per province to exhibit their items in the Indoni Exhibition during the Cultural Festival, with 27 exhibitors participating annually.

  • Over 3,000 young boys and girls from the 12 cultural groups across all nine provinces attended the cultural schools over the two year period since the launch of the programme. The schools took place over a period of two weeks with young people transported to and from the venue and provided with accommodation over the two week period. All the learners were also transported to and from Durban for the Cultural Festival where they participated in the Cultural Parade and the Cultural Beauty Pageant. Accommodation and catering was also provided for them.

  • Due to limited resources, instead of manufacturing its own floats and costumes, Indoni had to hire them from the Cape Town and the Gauteng Carnivals over the last two years. Our objective is to eventually manufacture our own floats and costumes, which will capture the essence and the nature of our Parade. This will also add to our job creation and skills development initiatives.

  • Subsequent to the Cultural Festival, we visited various communities across the country and partnered with local schools, communities, municipalities and traditional leadership in presenting awards to all the 12 finalists. This also helped in promoting the objectives of the programme and in introducing our finalists to their communities.

  • As part of its programme Indoni has provided a platform from artists, traditional musicians, poets and other entertainers to show case their talent, thereby giving them a platform to earn income while also introducing them to various stakeholders attending our events. As a result, among others, our young people have been invited to introduce ministers as poet and also as supporting dancers for the Roots Traditional Music programme.

  • Indoni learners from 2012, 2013 and 2014 have performed at various government and private functions, thereby getting the opportunity to take further the message of Indoni. These included performances at various cultural functions across the country including Basotho National Day and Mjekejeke, government functions, Indoni events and traditional functions. This have further helped promote our culture and heritage while also providing young people with an opportunity to further develop their skills and to earn income.

  • The programme has enjoyed wide support from the government, community and media with about 3,000,000 people watching the broadcast of the 2012/13 Miss Cultural SA on SABC 1 on 25 May 2013/14 according to their audience ratings. We expect the same reception upon the broadcast of the 2014 show on 25 May 2015. Indoni also featured regularly on 1 KZN TV with their news and traditional music programmes covering most of our functions and events.

  • Indoni enjoys extensive media coverage and has used this opportunity to promote the Youth Empowerment programme and highlight the role played by the Department as sponsor. The Department will enjoy a prominent spot in bill boards across the country promoting the programme, including one placed on the way from King Shaka International Airport which was seen by a large number of incoming local and international tourists. Bill boards promoting the programme were also placed at strategic locations around Durban. The Department will also be mentioned as a partner in the credits for the 2012 Miss Cultural SA broadcast. This will be carried through to the 2015 Miss Cultural SA broadcast taking place on 25 May 2016, preceded by a three episode series.
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