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Our Champions

Indoni programmes are run and supervised by experts mainly on cultural issues to engage the draft modules and moderate on them, thereby helping us in ensuring the quality and relevance thereof to cultural education, Government policy and National Cohesion.

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Our Character is defined by 8 Personalities:

  1. Culture
    Our passion is respect for others and eliminating mediocrity and failure associated with the African culture. Our communications reflect opportunities for young people in the sectors of arts and culture, and include youth as drivers of social and economic development.

  2. Inspirational
    The way we act and communicate inspires people to do new things and to think of Africa in a new diverse and creative manner. Indoni empowers people to express their African desires.Our communications are powerful, simple, direct, inspire action and assist in motivating people to unleash the transformative culture and joy of the African heritage.

  3. Joyful
    We inspire people in a manner that is uplifting and positive. A key benefit of Indoni is love, where there is love there is passion, and where there is passion there is joy, and these feelings are implicit in everything we do.Our engagements are upbeat and breath taking, they bring a smile to peoples’ faces, reflecting our belief that culture is a transformative power.

  4. Inclusive
    Indoni is a community-based movement that transcends nationality, race, creed, gender, age and social status. It creates a place for people of all cultures. Our imagery is reflective of the diversity of our cultural movement.

  5. Determined
    What we do requires bravery, perseverance and courage. Our determination to transform lives is reflected in the strength and directness of our programmes. Our programmes illustrate determination by celebrating and recognizing the lifestyle that the African people live, not just the events or programs they partake themselves in.

  6. Pride
    We ensure that our strategies do not only represent our motives but also reflects and paint good and inspirering images for South Africa and Africa. All our executions illustrate pride, dignity, ubuntu and honor.

  7. Courageous
    We celebrate the courage of African people, their challenges and barriers that they overcome every day. Our ethics have the courage to challenge prejudice and speak up for what is right, just and fair.

  8. Authentic
    Indoni is a grassroots movement. It is built on the hopes, desires, energy and determination of real people, in real communities, achieving real results.All our strategies are grounded on celebrating the authentic moments of
    transformation that take place through our programs every day. We celebrate the personal stories of achievement and culture.

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Proud partner of Indoni
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Proud partner of Indoni
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Proud partner of Indoni
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Proud partner of Indoni
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Proud partner of Indoni
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